Texas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience

If you have been charged with a federal crime in Texas, your attorney will need extensive experience in the federal criminal court system. Federal cases move more quickly, require a different standard of evidence, and have a different process for filing effective motions than state criminal defense requires. You need a strong team of aggressive lawyers, and the federal criminal defense firm of the Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado is ready to help.

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Our criminal defense group includes attorneys with more than sixty-five years of criminal law experience. We understand how tough a defense attorney has to be to overcome the resources of federal prosecutors. In many cases, a federal investigation has been pending for months before a charge is filed. Federal prosecutors often have a significant amount of time to gather evidence and prepare a case for indictment. We offer the vigorous representation you need, from advising and representing you in the initial grand jury proceedings through the final appeals process, if necessary.

Contact our office in Houston, Texas, as soon as possible after you have been charged, or if you think you are about to face charges. A strong federal criminal defense requires a strong and aggressive defense team. The Law Offices of Gilbert Alvarado are ready to start protecting your rights immediately.

We handle federal criminal cases such as:

  • Capital murder charges
  • Interstate and international drug charges
  • Interstate non-custodial child kidnapping
  • Internet fraud
  • National child pornography
  • Bank fraud, wire fraud

Record expunctions

If you have been charged with a federal crime, and a federal grand jury has found no sufficient cause for prosecution, you have a right to have all records of your charges and criminal proceedings expunged from your record. Our team can help you protect your reputation and prevent your charges from affecting your future.

Criminal asset forfeiture

Under federal law, any property suspected of use in the commission of a crime is liable to be confiscated for evidence and disposal by the government. If you have had personal property seized in connection with criminal charges that were later dismissed or for which you were acquitted, you have a right to get your property returned to you. Unfortunately, federal authorities will not deliver it to your house. We will help you fight for the return of your personal property.

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