Criminal Asset Forfeiture

Texas Criminal Asset Forfeiture Defense Lawyer

Under federal and state law, any personal assets used in the act of committing or facilitating a crime, or proven to have been obtained from the proceeds of a crime, may be forfeited to law enforcement officials. Asset forfeiture is generally as much of a civil litigation matter as it is a criminal law matter. The government must only show “probable cause” in order to sue for confiscation. In short, you don’t need to be indicted or found guilty of any crime to have your property taken. If the government successfully sues to seize your property, it is up to you to mount a successful lawsuit to get it back.

Getting your property back is a matter of criminal law and civil litigation

The criminal defense and civil litigation law firm in Houston, Texas, is ready to help you fight to get your property back after it has been forfeited because of criminal charges. Because asset forfeiture involves an understanding of criminal law as well as civil litigation, our entire team of attorneys will become involved in your case. Our attorneys have the experience, the skills, and the knowledge of federal and state asset forfeiture law to fight to protect your right against unlawful government seizure. Under certain circumstances, we may even be able to help you recover punitive damages for unlawful confiscation.

We stand up for your property rights

If you have had your personal property confiscated because of suspicion of a crime, or if you are facing criminal asset forfeiture, contact our offices for a no-cost consultation about how we can help you fight back. This is still America. You still have property rights. We stand up for your interests.