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Being convicted of a violent crime can result in a harsh punishment in Texas. Your future depends on a successful defense. Our firm provides aggressive criminal defense representation for all violent crimes, including domestic violence, assault, aggravated sexual assault, and homicide.

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In order to charge someone with a “violent” crime, the prosecutor must determine the extent of injuries to the victim; whether the crime was intentional; and whether a weapon was used. Using technical resources and a team of independent professionals, we investigate your charges to determine exactly what happened. An aggressive defense is based on whether the DA has a legitimate case for trial. We challenge the legality of the evidence against you, and use every legal option to protect your rights. By focusing on the facts of the case, as well as how your case has been handled by police and prosecutors, we are often able to get an outcome that protects your future from the most severe penalties that can result from a conviction for a violent crime.

The Texas penal code for violent crimes

The Texas penal code for violent crimes is the definitive source of information regarding possible penalties for homicide, domestic violence, and assault charges. We invite you to visit the Offenses Against the Person section of our Texas Penal Code page to learn more.

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