Houston, Texas, Record Expunction Lawyer

There are some common misunderstandings regarding expunction, or what is sometimes called expunging a criminal record. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, but the charges were dropped or you were acquitted, your record will still include a record of the criminal charges. To eliminate any information about the charges on your official record you will need to file a lawsuit in a district court in the jurisdiction of the charges. A successful expunction will clear your official records and databases that are maintained by law enforcement agencies, but will not clear records being maintained by private parties.

We help protect your reputation

If you are seeking to protect your reputation by expunging your official criminal record, the Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado is here to help. We handle expunction cases involving all criminal charges, including grand jury proceedings, federal charges, and state felonies and misdemeanors. We have the experience you need to clear records kept by the police, court clerk’s office, the District Attorney, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the FBI. In this age of immediate information over the Internet, it pays to protect your reputation.

Non Disclosures – Sealing Records

If you or a minor-aged member of your family has been convicted of a criminal offense, it may be possible to have your record sealed from public view. If you are the parent of a college student, we can help protect your child’s future after being convicted of a crime while on campus. Record sealing will prevent many private agencies from discovering a conviction that could result in losing a job opportunity.

Contact one of our office in Houston, Texas, to discuss ways we can help you expunge your record or seal your official record from public view.