Possession and Delivery of Controlled Substances

Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, MDMA, Xanax, Other Controlled Substances, Synthetic Drugs

If you were arrested for cocaine possession and now face serious drug distribution or delivery charges, you need the immediate assistance of an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer. These are serious charges with substantial mandatory minimum sentences. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and the amount of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or other drug involved, you could even be facing a life sentence in federal prison.

The Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado can help. We have extensive experience defending clients charged with felony cocaine possession with intent, drug delivery and distribution throughout southeast Texas.

Mr. Alvarado is a highly accomplished criminal defense attorney skilled in protecting the rights of clients facing charges. To discuss your case in an informative and confidential consultation at no cost to you, contact me today.

Experienced Representation in Cases Involving Serious Drug Charges

We can take immediate steps to protect your rights against overzealous police and prosecutors who may be under tremendous pressure to secure a conviction in a serious drug crime case, such as:

  • Cocaine possession, possession with intent and delivery of a controlled substance
  • Manufacturing or distribution of methamphetamines (meth lab cases)
  • Sale or distribution of illegal pharmaceutical drugs like Xanax, OxyContin and Diol
  • Possession or sale of crack cocaine

Sometimes a serious charge of possession with intent is based on nothing more than the fact that the authorities found scales nearby or that the drugs were individually packaged in small quantities. Regardless of the situation, we have the experience and proven skill to thoroughly and aggressively defend you from the moment you hire us.

We can also help you explore alternative measures such as entering into a drug treatment program or facility, if appropriate.

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From our office in Houston, the Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado serve the needs of clients throughout southeast Texas. If you were arrested or a loved one has been charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute, drug delivery or distribution, contact us today for a free, informative and completely confidential consultation.