Drug Charges

If you have been charged with drug possession or distribution, your defense attorney needs to understand how the DA will prosecute your drug crime. State narcotics charges are serious, with penalties becoming more severe every year. You need a defense lawyer who will do more than just go through the motions for you.

With Attorney Gilbert Alvarado working vigorously on your behalf, you can be sure that you will receive a dedicated, vigorous, and skillful effort fighting for the best possible outcome. Are you ready to put your future into the hands of a less experienced criminal defense attorney?

I provide aggressive, effective defense for all state drug crimes:

The Texas penal code for drug crimes

The Texas penal code for drug crimes is the definitive source of information regarding possible penalties for state felony and misdemeanor narcotics charges. I invite you to visit our Texas Penal Code page to learn more.

If you or someone in your family has been charged with a drug crime, the time to start an aggressive defense is right now. Contact my office in Houston today.


Fighting Drug Charges Require a Serious Defense

In order to prove these serious drug charges, the prosecution must establish an affirmative link between you and the drugs. That means it is not sufficient to prove you were in proximity to the drugs (i.e., driving the vehicle in which the drugs were found). Essentially the prosecution must prove that you knew the drugs were there in order to ensure a conviction.

That is where our experience comes into play. At the Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado, I can aggressively protect your rights against overzealous police and prosecutors who use trumped-up evidence or follow improper procedure. I will challenge every aspect of the State’s case.

When dealing with a client facing serious drug charges like interstate or international distribution or trafficking, some attorneys simply bow under the pressure or try to convince clients to accept a plea bargain. In our experience, a determined defense by an experienced trial lawyer can often produce surprising results.

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