Probation Violation

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If you are ‘on paper’ or if a family member has been placed on probation, it is vitally important to preserve that status. A violation of the terms of probation can result in having to serve the entire suspended sentence and may involve additional penalties, depending upon the nature of the offense.

Once a person is placed on probation, any future arrest will almost certainly result in a violation. Other types of probation violation include:

  • Not completing court-ordered classes or community service
  • Failure to report to your probation officer (PO) at the scheduled time
  • Failed urinalysis (dirty UA)
  • Loss of employment
  • Association with known criminals
  • An accusation of domestic violence or assault and battery while on probation
  • Being found with a weapon (felon in possession of a firearm)

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Fighting a Motion to Revoke Probation in Texas

At the Law Offices of Gilbert J. Alvarado, you will find an experienced defense lawyer who can take immediate action on your behalf. He can argue effectively to prevent the revocation of probation after an alleged violation.

As trial lawyers, our experience in courts throughout southeast Texas has given us a thorough understanding of the practices and priorities of individual judges and probation officers. He can offer you specific guidance and determined representation in any probation violation case in the region.

He has a proven record of success in advocating for our clients in probation violation cases. Many probation officers have substantial leeway to exercise discretion as to whether to request a motion to revoke probation (MTR). It is often a matter of arguing what is fair in these cases. Is returning you to jail for a minor violation really in the interest of justice, or is continued probation a better solution?

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